Grow your Tribe

Facilitate amazing conversations, promote moderators and grow your community.


All the tooling you need to let your members engage.

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Involve members

Members can subscribe to conversations, engage in live chat, and subscribe to your content and community-generated content.


Get more content

Promote some members to content creators so they can create posts, files, images, series, videos and more on your site.



Promote editors to control content across channels on your site and promote moderators to control content on a channel-by-channel basis, similar to subreddits.


Increase your member numbers and your income. 

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Segment content

Content is added on a channel-by-channel basis allowing you to cleanly publish to broad and niche channels so members can subscribe to what they want.

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Educate and influence

Create courses and list them for free, sell them, or make them invite-only.

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Create multiple pricing options that include different collections of channels. 

Give users a number of membership options easily.

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